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Starworks Global

Who is Starworks?

Starworks is a technology company based in Singapore. The operational team of Starworks technology is under PT. Starworks Technologies Indonesia located in the heart of Seminyak Bali. Starworks believes that blockchain will give the solution for the revolution of tourism and hospitality businesses and also create better opportunities for people working in these industries. The overall project is about merged technology with the existing business or potential business cryptocurrency blockchain technology. We are committed to service and product optimization in the industries, especially the hospitality and tourism industry.

Problems that this project is trying to solve

Cross Border Transfer Fee

The cost border transfer fee is the number one problem in the…

As we know, fiat money is a legal means of the transaction all over the world. But, how is fiat money created? The word “fiat currency” refers to money issued by a country’s government. The Government created money as a medium of exchange for products and services. Each government has its money system. Money is regulated and controlled by the Bank as a centralized location. The central bank of a country is an agency that is responsible for monetary policy in that country. …

Exchanges have an important role in buying and selling crypto-assets or cryptocurrencies. It is the intermediary that connects buyers and sellers. The analogy, such as a brokerage company or securities in stock trading. Choosing the wrong crypto exchange can lead to a path full of distractions and wasted efforts. Here’s five essential tips that will help you choose the right cryptocurrency exchange.

1. Understand Authenticity and Security

Research will help you choose a safe and legitimate exchange platform. Make sure the exchange you use uses a cold storage type wallet. There are two types of wallets in a crypto exchange…

Before starting to invest in stocks or crypto, we need to know the regulatory agency, so the investment process becomes safer and more convincing. Stock investments are under the Capital Market and Financial Institution Supervisory Agency (BAPEPAM-LK) while crypto is under the supervision of the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (BAPPEBTI). For stock and crypto prices, it is very influential on market sentiment, so that increases and decreases are commonplace. However, which is riskier between investing in stocks and crypto? No one! But both have their risks and flexibility! Let’s break it down.

Risk or Volatility

Although the increase and…

Crypto investment became a hot topic after Bitcoin experienced a drastic price increase. Investors are racing to try their luck in crypto investing to make a profit. But, it is not as easy as you think about investing in crypto like magic money. In contrast to stock investment, the old players in the investment world still put this investment as a favorite ‘way’ to turn their money for profit. Many people are starting to compare stock investments and crypto investments. Let’s try to understand more deeply.


Stock is one of the investment instruments in the form of ownership…

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Until this day, Crypto is one of the hottest topics related to investing. This is what all investors expected, but recently, the best-performing Crypto, Bitcoin, was crashing. One of the factors was a tweet by Tesla owner, Elon Musk, tweeted that Tesla stopped using Bitcoin as payment, on the grounds of protecting the environment. His tweet affected the coin’s movement chart to drop dramatically, even by almost 40%. However, that’s not a major reason to avoid COIN stock.

Some crypto experts say this phenomenon is not due to Elon Musk’s tweet, but the coin’s popularity is at its peak and…

What is money and how is it created? The Government created money as a medium of exchange the products and services. Each government has its money system. Money is regulated and controlled by Bank as a centralized location. The cryptocurrency was created as an alternative to the money from these centralized banking institutions but still developed for financing and international exchange across the world. It is no coincidence that Bitcoin, the first working example, was invented in 2009 following the worldwide financial collapse of 2007/2008.

Blockchain popularity has grown tremendously in the last few years. Cryptocurrency is based on Blockchain…

Starworks Global Pte Ltd. (“Starworks”) a Singapore company is a business accelerator and technology developer.

Starworks has agreed to acquire up to fifty percent (50%) of PT Taman Bintang Bali, a local Indonesian company operating in the Hospitality sector in Bali, Indonesia.

Starworks Global Pte Ltd will issue up to one hundred million (100,000,000) STARX Tokens based on the Ethereum ERC 777 platform to PT Taman Bintang Bali. The transactions will be secured by Convertible Note, the value of such to be determined by the market price of each tranche of Tokens traded.

The acquisition of shares by Starworks is…

November 2019

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Graham J Bristow
+65 8643 8449

Starworks Global Pte Ltd. is a business accelerator and technology developer operating in Singapore, Bali, Indonesia and California, USA.

Due to security breaches and the unauthorized actions of our CTO, a company executive, Starworks Global withdrew its recent StarX Token offering and ICO.

Mr.Winner H Parlaungan Sitorus, Jakarta, Indonesia, employment has been terminated.

The Ethereum ERC 20 platform for the StarX Token has been upgraded using the Ethereum ERC 777 improved standard. Although the Ethereum ERC 20 Token is the…

Starworks Global

Starworks Global mission is to develop products and services, primarily for the Hospitality sector, using Blockchain, Big Data and AI Technologies.

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