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According to Independent Online, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Travel & Tourism industry was the second-fastest-growing sector in the world (manufacturing is first). But unfortunately, as the second-fastest-growing sector in the world, the industry is still adopting outdated, traditional operating systems that create archaic problems. One of those is Online Travel Agents (OTA), which are still in use today and have several problems such as high transaction fees, limited transfer amounts, limited payment methods, long processing times and many more.

To solve this problem, the travel industry needs to utilise Blockchain technology which will in turn offer significant benefits for the tourism industry. The smart contract offering in Blockchain allows a direct booking option straight to the hotel. In this case, we eliminate third parties involved in booking, minimize errors within the booking system, integrate a smooth refund process and most importantly cut out the middleman fee. We all know that online travel agents such as or Expedia are taking advantage of this hospitality challenge by charging up to 30% booking fees to the hotels.

Blockchain technology includes cryptocurrency as part of the innovation offering to the travel industry. Crypto helps to minimize cross-border transfer fees, control costs, and create opportunities to grow business which in turn allows businesses to expand service offerings. So, how do crypto and blockchain work in the travel and tourism industry?

Welcome to The Crypto Travel!

The demand for Crypto in the travel industry has increased since people are starting to understand that there are significant benefits from crypto. Through, the CEO of one of the travel companies that has adopted blockchain said that orders using crypto continue to increase, even during the pandemic. Twenty two percent of Americans now utilize cryptocurrency payments for booking accommodation, flights, activities and integration fees. This also confirms that more and more people own crypto at this present time.

The increasing interest of people using crypto in the tourism industry is because crypto can solve some archaic issues. Crypto travel makes it possible to travel easily, without taking foreign exchange costs into account, transactions occur safely, traceable and fast.

So how far do blockchain and crypto work for the travel industry?

Blockchain is the technology behind the power of crypto. Blockchain has emerged as a force that ensures the security of transactions and transparency of prices or information, both of which are important factors that can affect the level of customer trust.

With the adoption of blockchain technology into the Travel & Tourism industry, customers can make a secure and traceable reservation through the official website of the hotel or airline without going through an Online Travel Agent (OTA). The transactions carried out do not require a third party such as a bank. In this case, utilizing cryptocurrency as the payment option can eliminate third parties such as banks, to minimize transfer fees. You can pay for reservations, pay for restaurants and enjoy your vacation without worrying about hefty currency conversion banking fees. Airline or hotel staff can trace all incoming transactions via blockchain records and furthermore, this technology is able to reduce the risk of errors, third-party controls and the threat of fraud.

Say Hi to StarTRAVELLER Crypto Travel Club — Generate Income Earning While Traveling!

Have you ever imagined that you can generate money while you enjoy the sunset in Bali? Yes, crypto travel opens the opportunity for you to generate wealth by booking your vacation — read on!

Introducing StarTRAVELLER!

StarTRAVELLER is a unique crypto travel club and was developed by Starworks Global to help the Tourism & Hospitality industry create opportunities and minimize challenges by adopting Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Big Data and Ai Technologies and incorporating all this into one central membership-only travel club.

StarTRAVELLER is an exclusive membership-only travel club that provides you with access to a global booking platform of 1 million+ properties, over 50,000 destinations around the world, up to 75% discounts guaranteed and offers income earning opportunities.

How can I generate income by joining StarTRAVELLER?

StarTRAVELLER is not only an online travel booking platform, but also offers an investment in your lifestyle. Apart from offering the best travel deals and value on the market, StarTRAVELLER embraces cryptocurrency, blockchain and innovative technologies to offer even more features, benefits and income earning potential for members. StarTRAVELLER allows you to travel to the four corners of the globe whilst using crypto as a method to secure your StarTRAVELLER lifestyle investment and create wealth generation at the same time.

StarTRAVELLER will provide you passive income through annual interest distributed every month and quarterly income sharing dividends of up to 17% in the form of STARXP. These are automatically distributed after members hold a minimum of 5,000 STARTX for one year. Members will enjoy additional benefits such as lifetime discounts up to 75% for 1 million+ worldwide hotels and accommodations.

STARXT is the native token of the StarTRAVELLER crypto travel club. This can easily be converted to STARX token in your crypto StarWALLET and cashed out via LATOKEN exchange and others in the near future.

StarTRAVELLER Features

StarTRAVELLER not only gives you options to book hotels, flights, cruises and car rentals but also offers you the best deals with the “weekly stay” feature. This allows you to stay for a week at the cheapest price. Here are some other fantastic benefits of being a StarTRAVELLER member:

Guest Passes:

Now you can share your membership benefits by giving up to 15 single-use guest passes for a period of 12 months to your friends and family. Guests can browse our site and purchase a wide range of travel products. Not only that, but guests will also receive full membership savings and members earn reward points. This guest pass is valid when you subscribe for the first time, by completing the information for the person who received the ticket and they will automatically get a valid login.

Family Membership:

Through this feature, you can share your membership with up to 8 family members! So all members can access and use the same login/same privileges, benefits & pricing / all points shared to the main account holder.

Reward Credit:

Imagine vacationing and earning rewards at the same time? You are entitled to get reward points for every transaction on the StarTRAVELLER platform and these can be redeemed for discounted travel expenses, prizes and more.

Boomerang Rewards:

Boomerang Rewards is our exclusive program allowing you to earn Reward Credits by inviting your friends and family to book their travel. Invite your friends to join the Boomerang Club and share a 50% discount from your normal rate.

Traveling section:

You can get exclusive access to your best travel deals in one StarTRAVELLER platform such as choosing a hotel, cruise, world tour, renting a car, or choosing an airline. The exclusive access on offer depends on the membership option you choose.

Join the StarTRAVELLER Membership and reap the rewards!

Join the StarTRAVELLER community through the website and choose the membership type that suits your needs. Each type of membership has different benefits, the higher the tier the more benefits you get. Every new member who joins will immediately get a STARXT token as proof of ownership of StarTRAVELLER assets. In addition, customers are entitled to get reward points for every transaction they make on the StarTRAVELLER platform. Reward points can be exchanged for services in the StarTRAVELLER merchant business.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity!

StarTRAVELLER is directly integrated into the blockchain system allowing transactions to occur within seconds. StarTRAVELLER facilitates travel distribution by making it cheaper, faster, more enjoyable for consumers and easier for new business models to emerge in the travel industry.



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