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STARX- the latest breakthrough cryptocurrency to optimize the tourism and hospitality industry.

By taking advantage of a peer-to-peer decentralized blockchain network, customers, tourists and business owners within the Tourism and Hospitality industry can enjoy substantial benefits. Examples include payment systems that directly connect businesses, handle financial transactions, cross-border labor, reservations, marketing, capital investment and expansion.

Smart contracts for instance, are a blockchain based application that allows immutable transactions between two parties over a DeFi network. All information is stored anonymously and secured using cryptographic passwords. Each record is stored in an individual block and linked to the previous block in the form of a chain. Every new blockchain transaction on the network must be authorized or validated by the users on the network.

STARX is the native currency issued by Starworks Global, a blockchain-based technology company with many years of experience in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. “Our business has a 20 year history within the hospitality industry with our head office being based in Bali, Indonesia. We are currently working towards commercialising an ecosystem of blockchain/tech based products & services to revolutionize the global Tourism and Hospitality industry”, says Troy Bradbury, CEO StarWORKS Global.

The StarWORKS’ foundation is strong, with principals who have to-date successfully managed the group’s business from within Indonesia, Australia and the United States. Our business ethos is driven by a passion for developing and managing businesses that engage customers and create loyalty through intrinsic brand recognition, rewards and customer experience. The presence of STARX allows crypto holders/investors to invest in this project, trade other cryptocurrencies, carry out daily transactions at all StarWORKS merchants (coming soon) and is being developed for cashout processing.

“We’ve structured a scalable B2B & B2C business model offering huge global growth opportunities particularly with our blockchain based StarPOINTS loyalty & rewards program. Underpinning all of this is our StarX token, the native currency of our ecosystem which is being listed on the LATOKEN exchange in late October” — CEO Troy Bradbury.

The company has also launched StarWALLET to make transactions faster, more convenient and safer. StarWALLET is a blockchain based application that allows crypto holders to perform any transactions and services with any available merchant using STARX in just one click. StarWALLET makes this process instant, transparent, secure and seamless.

“So in summary, we have multiple blockchain/tech based products & services within our Ecosystem which incorporates a crypto overlay offering huge benefits and opportunity to our customers, merchants and investors alike” — CEO Troy Bradbury.


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Starworks GLOBAL is a blockchain technology developer providing an integrated ecosystem of products targeting the global Tourism and Hospitality industry.